No need to worry about embarrassing gaffs or tourist blunders. When in Italy tells you what Italians expect of visitors. Why settle into a restaurant full of bus tourists from Iowa? When in Italy will lead you to the restaurants where the Italians eat. Never miss out on a dish that can only be found in one city.  Learn the secrets of regional foods. This book will guide you to ultimate food experiences. If you want to travel with confidence, dined as you’ve always dreamed you might, read When in Italy.

"I loved When In Italy. I've always been timid of making mistakes in Italy. Those waiters can be very intimidating, but now I've even had one smile at me and suggest that, as I was obviously someone in the know, he'd like to suggest a special dish for me. I feel like I've arrived at the mountaintop! Thank you Ms. Plantamura!"
EDJ, Racine, WI

"I consider myself to be an expert on Italy as I have traveled there many times. But on every page of When In Italy, I found information that I didn't know. I had many "ah ah" moments while reading it and look forward to testing it "in the field" when I return to Italy this spring. PS. Lots of laughs, too."
MDT, Concord, NH

Carol Plantamura is a college professor, a professional singer, a fine cook in her own right and a proud Italian-American. She lived in Italy for many years and criss-crossed the country giving concerts in virtually every major city. She has a special love for Northern Italy and her home-away-from-home in Ferrara.
She is an unabashed lover of food and especially the authentic regional foods of Italy. She currently resides in San Diego where she and her three cats host frequent, well-attended dinner parties.


When In Italy
Carol Plantamura
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