Do you love food? Are you a real food lover. Here is a series of Guidebooks written with foodies in mind - that will show you how to have peak food experiences while traveling. Read and you will able to "do as the Romans", especially to enjoy the regional food that seems to be reserved for the lucky insider. These Guidebooks do not list hotels and restaurants. They are Guidebooks for the independent traveler who has a passion for food, who is on the hunt for new tastes, authentic meals and the traditional, unique foods of every country, region and town.

These books will tell you how to dress, how to behave, how to make those austere Italian waiters your friendly regional food guides, how to pick out a restaurant that will fulfill your food dreams, where to stay to guarantee the best eating and how to fill your tummy with delicious regional food from morning til night.

When in Rome Guidebooks are ebooks (electronic books) that you can download to your computer right now and read immediately in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Our Guidebooks are interactive. You can navigate and search them with a click of your mouse. They even contain a pronouncing glossary – so that you can speak your mind with confidence.  You can print them - every page or just part - as you wish. You can even move them to your palm or pocket pc and take them with you when you travel. Our ebooks are affordable, instant gratification for the inquiring reader. Enjoy.

When in Rome Guidebooks is a growing online bookstore specializing in ebooks for food lovers and other specialty travelers. With just a few mouse clicks you can order, buy with security, and download your books. We often have special offers and are constantly updating our offerings. Look around, sample our wares and please let us know if you have any special requests or ideas on how we might improve our service to you.

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When in Italy


When in Emilia Romagna

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