"When in Emilia Romagna" is the definitive guide to eating well in Emilia Romagna, the foodie paradise of Italy. With this guide in hand, you won't miss any of the spectacular regional foods of this Epicurean center. This book will lead you straight to them, to world renowned cheeses, meats and sauces. Not only will your learn where to find the stuff that food dreams are made of, but you will learn why this Italian region above all others excels in producing dish after intoxicating dish.

"There isn't much that you missed. I have never found a guidebook that mentioned sugo before which just happens to be one of my favorite dishes. And Ferrara is exactly as you describe it. I think I even met your caviar vendor once long ago! Thanks."
CL, Tucson, AZ

Many of the foods of Emilia Romagna are not available anywhere else. Many of the breads, wines and sausages are not exported or if they are, are inferior to those available locally. Some are not even known beyond the region's borders. Discover what waits for you on the tables of Emilia Romagna and plan your trip accordingly. With "When in Emilia Romagna" in your pocket you won't come home hungry and you won't miss a single of the fabulous specialty foods of Bologna, Ferrara or Parma.

"I just came back from Bologna and immediately purchased your book. I only wish I had had it before my trip. Despite all my guidebooks, I missed out on many wonderful foods. I can't wait to return - with your book in my hand."
MM, Aloha, OR

"Until I read "When In Emilia Romagna" I had no idea why I wanted to go to Italy. Now I know! Oh, what food wonders await. Thank you Ms Plantamura for opening the doorway to food heaven for me!"
GAT, The Bronx, NY

Carol Plantamura is a college professor, a professional singer, a fine cook in her own right and a proud Italian-American. She lived in Italy for many years and criss-crossed the country giving concerts in virtually every major city. She has a special love for Northern Italy and her home-away-from-home in Ferrara.
She is an unabashed lover of food and especially the authentic regional foods of Italy. She currently resides in San Diego where she and her three cats host frequent, well-attended dinner parties.




When in Emilia Romagna
When in Emilia Romagna
Carol Plantamura
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